Facility loan scheme

Nottingham Tennis Centre showcases a kids tennis programme

Our mission is to grow tennis by making it relevant, accessible, welcoming and enjoyable. Ensuring local communities have access to quality facilities is critical to attracting and retaining more players.

The LTA’s facility loan scheme provides loans up to £250,000 to help venues deliver projects that will grow the number of people playing tennis. The scheme prioritises projects that provide community access either at the venue or in the community.

The objectives of the fund are:

  • Enhance facilities to create better playing environments to encourage play all year
  • Retain and increase the number of participants at the venue
  • Increase non-member pay and play coaching and usage opportunities
  • Grow the numbers of adults and juniors on the coaching programme
  • Provide online booking through ClubSpark.

Who we want to work with

We want to work with people, committees and organisations that are committed to growing tennis by opening up access at their venue, are effectively engaging their community and have the skills to deliver their project. The key principles are:

  • Community engagement – we want you to demonstrate that you are engaging the community in tennis
  • Participation growth – we want you to grow tennis participation and demonstrate how this will be achieved
  • Participant experience – we are looking for you to make playing tennis easy to access providing online bookings for courts and coaching
  • Financial sustainability – we can only fund sustainable venues, where there is an adequate sinking fund to replace existing facilities. You must demonstrate your ability to repay the loan
  • Eligible organisations – we can only work with constituted organisations or recognised bodies that have security of tenure at their venue through freehold, lease or licence; and are legally able to borrow money.

What we will fund

  • Floodlights
  • Court surface upgrades to a year round playing surface
  • New tennis courts with floodlights
  • Airhalls/Framed Fabric buildings
  • Clubhouse facilities that demonstrate a clear link to growth in tennis participation
  • Accessible facilities that cater for disabled players
  • Technology that makes it easier for people to access your facilities e.g. gate access systems
  • Innovation to drive membership, usage and tennis participation.

Unfortunately, the following are not eligible project costs: coaching and equipment costs, routine maintenance, like for like resurfacing (unless there are exceptional circumstances), purchase of land, retrospective funding and facilities exclusively for other sports.

Applicant funding

We will expect you to provide an appropriate proportion of the cost of the project. Resources to help you find applicant funding are available on the Tennis facility funding and advice webpage alongside our grant search tool.

How to apply

To help present a successful proposal you will need to develop and submit the following documentation to facilityloans@lta.org.uk.


Relevant documents and information

Helpful Hints

Completed cashflow and application form

Application form and cashflow

Please submit this application form to apply.

Completed cashflow and application form samples

We have completed a sample application form with accompanying sample accounts to help you develop your application. There is also a guidance note available for further information on how to complete your application. 

Business Plan

View the guidance notes to help you develop your business plan and provide you with advice on how to attract more participants to your venue.

2 years accounts


Please submit the last 2 years accounts. The cash balances should match the cashflow in the application form.

Scope of works and tender document.

LTA technical guidance

The LTA works with a number of consultants who can help you develop your project scope and tender documents. Consultant costs can be included in the overall project cost. To request a visit contact facilityloans@lta.org.uk. 3 tendered costs and a tender report must be included with you application.

Evidence of security of tenure


Provide evidence that the venue has security for the minimum length of the loan repayment period.

Venue constitution

Guide to developing a Club Constitution

Please submit a copy of your venues constitution. Best practice guidance is available in the guide to developing a club consitiution. 

Evidence of applicant funding

Tennis facility funding and advice

Offer letters or equivalent required.

Legal documents

LTA Standard award terms and conditions

If your application is successful you will need to sign up to our standard terms and conditions.