LTA Competition Management System - Live Status Update

Here you will find real-time information about the status of the LTA Competition Management System as well as a list of know bugs that we are actively working with Visual Reality to resolve.

We would apprecaite it if you could have a quick scan of the known bugs & issues listed below before contacting the Customer Support Team. This helps to minimise duplicating support tickets and helps us to answer your questions faster.

Current Status

Operational. We have minor bugs that the developers are working on however players can enter and withdraw from competitions without any difficulties.

New Functionality & Bug Fixes

Visual Reality release updates and new functionality every Tuesday. Here you will find release dates for minor or major updates, with a high-level summary of what will be included in each one.



Release Date

Player Profile

A fix has been released to ensure that Player statistics are including all relevant results 



Enhancements to the withdrawal experience.

Please refer to the following guide on the new process.


You can see a full list of all recently resolved issues, bugs and new features here

Known Bugs & Issues 

Bug Description


Last Update

LTA Staged competitions are currently not allowing players to enter an event where both Grade 4 and Grade 5 events are offered (if the player already entered a Grade 4 competition and attempting to enter a Grdae 5 event in one of the competitions mentioned above)

Please contact the Organiser and request a manual entry while we are working on fixing the issue


LTA Weeklong entry restrictions are currently not blocking players entering multiple events during the given tournament week (Grade 3)

Please ensure that players are entering competitions according to the LTA Overlapping Weeklong competition Regulations while we are working on a fix


Once submitting a result through Results Manager players might disappear on the submission screen. 

The result is still submitted, refreshing the page will display the results correctly.

A permanent fix to be released shortly.


Some Referee license end dates are not updating within the CMS currently, resulting a 'License Fail' message on the Tournament Application view

This is being fixed.

Organisers can still submit Applications & Availability submissions in the meantime.


We are experiencing some syncing issues with Player memberships, resulting in some Players being unable to log in to the CMS, not coming up on the player database or showing a 'membership expired' message

Please contact the Customer Support Team through the webform and the Team will be able to do the relevant amendments

To be fixed by the end of May