LTA Competition Management System - Live Status Update

Here you will find real-time information about the status of the LTA Competition Management System as well as a list of know bugs that we are actively working with Visual Reality to resolve.

We would apprecaite it if you could have a quick scan of the known bugs & issues listed below before contacting the Customer Support Team. This helps to minimise duplicating support tickets and helps us to answer your questions faster.

Current Status

Operational. We have minor bugs that the developers are working on however players can enter and withdraw from competitions without any difficulties.

New Functionality & Bug Fixes

Visual Reality release updates and new functionality every Tuesday. Here you will find release dates for minor or major updates, with a high-level summary of what will be included in each one.



Update / Release Date

Box League Manager

Event Types swithced across from Singles to Doubles for some leagues Fixed and released 18/01/2022

Box League Manager

Standard LTA Round Robin standings calculation is not calculating the final standings correctly Fixed and released 18/01/2022

Tournament Fact Sheet

Event grading info vanished from Tournament Fact Sheets Fixed and released 18/01/2022

Box League Manager

Issue with moving Players in and out of the Unclassified Players box Fixed and released 11/01/2022

Results Manager

Players vanishing when submitting a result

Fixed and released 11/01/2022

You can see a full list of all recently resolved issues, bugs and new features here

Known Bugs & Issues 

Bug Description


Last Update

Date and Time of online entries are showing in CET time (+1 hr) on the Online Entry list under the Events tab

The Team is looking into this


Favourite Competitions - currently due to a bug on some ocassions the system is sending multiple reminder emails for the same competition

We apologise for any inconveniences casued.

The Team is looking into this issue


Postcode search is not showing a handful of competitions (due to missing latitude and longitude informaiton on the Tournament Application)

We are working on a permanent fix to this