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What is the Indoor Community Tennis Project?
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To establish target locations for future community indoor tennis centres, we modelled data from existing successful CITC’s. This helped to identify the demographic type, volume and catchment size of a successful CITC. This modelling was applied across England, Scotland and Wales to establish the areas of potential demand.

The key metrics established are:

  • A target location must demonstrate a minimum threshold population of 70,000 within a 20 minute drive time of a target location. Of this population, at least 12,500 must identify as having an interest in playing tennis. Please note this drive time extends to 30 minutes for rural areas.
  • Filtered for competition within the catchment in order to prioritise the addressing of indoor tennis provision gaps.

This methodology has enabled us to identify 72 target locations for new indoor tennis venues in England, 12 in Wales and 12 in Scotland. Please note indoor projects in Scotland will be funded through the Transforming Scottish Indoor Tennis fund which is a partnership between the LTA, Sportscotland and Tennis Scotland.

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