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I believe my ITF WTN is wrong. What do I do?
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Numbers will be calculated using live match data to ensure every player has an accurate number when the system goes live.

As a player’s Number will be generated by an accurate, objective and sophisticated mathematical calculation, it will not be possible to appeal the result of the calculation.

The ITF World Tennis Number pre-match prediction is not as straightforward as win or loss as the algorithm will predict the percentage chance of certain outcomes and change player’s numbers in relation to that.

This means that regardless of the level of two players competing against each other (whether they have a lower ITF World Tennis Number than each other or not), if a player performs better than the algorithm predicts, then their ITF World Tennis Number may go up.

If your WTN has not updated in the past 2 weeks, and you have played matches, please get in touch with the tournaments you have played, and your LTA number. It is also useful to provide your ITF IPIN (if known), when you submit your enquiry. 

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