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It's time to team up! Everything you need to know about Team Challenge


Need a reason to get homework done early? Team Challenge is all about having fun with friends on court, and is the perfect pastime for kids of all ages and abilities looking for some local, fun and friendly competition!

With over 150 events (and growing) already booked in to take place across the nation before the end of the year, it’s time to team up and join forces with friends

What is it?


Team Challenge launched in September 2016 with the aim to create more fun, recreational competition opportunities. Each event is organised by a local cluster organiser at an LTA Registered Venue, who then invites local venues and players to take part.

So far, over 10,000 players have taken part in Team Challenge events up and down Great Britain. The vast majority of the players are mini and junior players, but there are also events for players of all ages taking place.

Competitions are held at lots of venues across the nation, so players don't have to travel longer than 30 minutes to compete. Each event will last between 2-3 hours and there is a small fee to enter (usually £5-£10 per player). Bookings can be made online through ClubSpark in advance, or payment can be made on the day.

Who’s it for?

With its flexible scoring formats, Team Challenge is a fantastic choice for mini and junior players in club programmes who are new or inexperienced to competition.

True to its name, Team Challenge is team-based and both boys and girls can get involved! Team sizes can vary between two and six players and the format of the event, team size and scoring format are decided by the local organiser. In most cases, players will play in singles and doubles although some events are doubles-only.

Some organisers set an age range to ensure a friendly, non-intimidating competition. These tend to fall under three categories, but can vary across venues.

  1. 6-10-year-olds can take part in Mini Red, Orange or Green Ball events
  2. 11-14 year-old can take part in green/yellow ball events
  3. Those aged 15 or older can take part in yellow ball events. Due to popular demand, new adult events have also been introduced

Fun facts

  • So far, over 1,000 Team Challenge events have taken place in the UK
  • Girls-only events have been introduced. Watch this space for competitions taking place near you!
  • Organisers are encouraged to create a festival vibe through the use of banners, bunting and balloons. Food and drink for players is also encouraged!
  • Prizes include medals, certificates, racket grips, racket dampeners and more

Find an event near you!

Get involved and enter a Team Challenge competition near you!

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