LTA Youth Tennis for Kids

All LTA Youth courses (including Tennis for Kids) are compliant with COVID-19 guidelines for playing tennis.

LTA Youth Tennis for Kids

Has your kid never picked up a racket? Are they aged 4-11? Then LTA Youth Tennis for Kids is the perfect way to introduce them to tennis.

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Our specially trained coaches will ensure each and every kid has the best start to their tennis journey in a safe and inclusive environment. 

These sessions are full of energy and cater to all abilities so nobody's getting left behind. This is no place for “quiet please” and it’s guaranteed to get kids going.

£25 (+£4.99 P&P)* gets you:

  • Six top-class tennis sessions with specially trained coaches

  • A tennis racket and set of balls

  • A branded t-shirt

  • Activity cards, a lanyard, stickers and a certificate (provided by the coach)

*In 2021 the price will increase to £29.99 (+£5 P&P).

What's it all about?

Tennis will help your child develop as they learn about respect, teamwork and fair play. And the new techniques they learn will improve other skills too. Balance for ballet, footwork for football, speed for swimming…even concentration in the classroom.

Each week, they’ll also get a take-home activity card, so they can practice in between the sessions (preferably outdoors to avoid breaking your Great Gran’s lamp).

Since 2016, we’ve had a great response from parents who tell us it’s helped their kids make friends, get more active and improve their motor skills. There’s been a lot of love for the coaches too. So much in fact that we’ve now got more courses than ever.