About Coach Accreditation

What is LTA Coach Accreditation?

LTA Coach Accreditation is a professional membership programme for qualified coaches. The aim of this is to provide relevant support to British coaches and their businesses so they can deliver great on court experiences for participants at every level. The key support provided is an affordable insurance package. In addition to a great benefits package, being Accredited provides a stamp of approval recognised by parents, players and employers across the UK and beyond.

How many tiers are there in LTA Coach Accreditation?

There are 2 tiers within LTA Coach Accreditation, Accredited (previously Registered) and Accredited+ (previously Licensed).

What is Accredited (previously Registered)?

Accredited is the base tier of LTA Coach Accreditation issued to those who are safe to practice. This level of LTA Accreditation is ideal for part-time coaches or assistant coaches who are yet to reach a Level 3 qualification. You can be registered with any qualification from 1 – 5.

What is Accredited+ (previously Licensed)?

Accredited+ is the upper tier of LTA Coach Accreditation issued to those who are fully qualified (available for Level 3-5 coaches only) safe to practice, and commit to fifteen hours of continuous professional development training per year.

Figure 1. A chart depicting the 5 levels of Coach Qualification in addition to the 2 tiers of LTA Coach Accreditation