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How will these changes affect LTA players?
  • The enhancements will reposition groups of LTA players on the current scale of 1-40 and ensure that players from all over the world are more accurately aligned, particularly with regard to different age groups.
  • While LTA player numbers are likely to be adjusted and move in either direction, players will see less significant movement within their own age group. An LTA player’s latest number will be more aligned to the age group they are competing within.
  • The match data of eleven more tennis Federations will also be added into the algorithm calculation on the 26th of These will be the Federations of Spain, Moldova, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Switzerland, India, Central American & Caribbean Tennis Confederation, Venezuela, Tunisia, and Confederation of African Tennis.
  • If an LTA player has a match record in these nations or has historic opponents from these nations, there may be small enhancements to their ITF World Tennis Number.

Still require more information?
Still require more information?
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