Assistant Coach - Shenzhen, China

Closing Date: 15 Aug 2019

  • Level 1
  • International
  • Contact Employer
  • Full Time
  • £11,500 PA Annually
  • All English Tennis Academy

Job Description

The job consists of two main roles tennis; coaching and office work.

Tennis Coaching

  • 30 hours face-to face per week
  • Group and individual coaching
  • Includes mini tennis and cardio tennis
  • Help run and organise competitions
  • Assist with running of promotional events at schools and new training bases
  • Involves working evenings and weekends

Office Work:

  • 10 hours per week
  • Assist Coach Manager to help oversee all programmes a
  • Report writing for students
  • Engage with exciting projects such as selling and planning Summer Camps in UK as well as other partnerships in China and/or UK.

£11,500 per year including annual return flight, free accommodation and free gym membership at the Hilton Hotel

Please note, living costs are significantly lower than in the UK. Meals tend to be around £2 and Metro journeys will cost no more than 50p per day. The tax rate is also much lower. As a result this salary is more than sufficient for our employees and we certainly take care of them. 

Overview of the Company

Our goal at All English Tennis Academy is to modify and enhance the coaching and teaching methods used in the UK to deliver the most successful, internationally applicable tennis and English language learning environment.

We are based in the exciting city of Shenzhen just North of Hong Kong and is one of the top ten fastest growing cities in the world. Shenzhen has an extensive, modern and very affordable metro system and is a 15 minute train journey away from Hong Kong.

Our team consists of 16 people where our three managers all studied at foreign universities (two of which at Loughborough University) and have a good command of English. We have two full-time British coaches, both of whom are LTA/USPTR qualified and also university educated in the UK. They deliver sessions alongside local bilingual coaches. Our operations have expanded to catering for 150 clients and are looking to expand our coaching team to match the demand for our services.

We own our own tennis centre, which has four acrylic courts and fully kitted tennis shop. We also hire a number of external venues, one of these being the Hilton Hotel and two others in Shenzhen Hongshuwan area, this is one of the most affluent districts in Shenzhen. Coaches have the opportunity to play at our private tennis club, Shenzhen Returnees Tennis Club. This club is made up of Chinese players who have worked and/or studied abroad and have since returned to China. We play every Saturday afternoon and play in regional tournaments every month. Our office space is located in the HongKong Polytechnic University Shenzhen-HongKong Institution, Nanshan District.

Person Specification

Individual Requirements:

  • Minimum LTA/USPTR Level 1 or equivalent
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • UK passport for Visa reasons

Desirable Peronsal Qualifications and Experience

  • Experience in delivering mini tennis for ages 3-10
  • Experience in delivering adult group sessions
  • Experience in delivering individual lessons is an advantage
  • Cardio tennis trained is desirable but not essential
  • DBS certified and no criminal record


 Ideal Personal Skills and Attributes:

  • Acceptance and appreciation of the importance of the company’s overall reputation and customer experience
  • Awareness and understanding of potential language and cultural differences
  •  communication skills
  • Willingness to develop and mould coaching styles and approach to work
  • Versatile, friendly and progressive approach to work and life
  • Ability to work on their own or as part of a team
  • Strong organisational skills and an ability to handle multiple tasks

 How to Apply

Email and with a cover letter and CV. We will also require a short video coaching a group and playing video.