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Tournament Bonus Scheme

The tournament bonus scheme (TBS) will continue to form a key part of the LTA High Performance strategy in 2016.

Please note, next year there will be changes to the tournament bonus scheme – to find out more, please read the 2017 Tournament Bonus Scheme document.

It is designed to recognise key and relevant performances achieved by British players in various levels of events during the year. It is also aimed at supporting those who will be capable of playing the ATP/WTA Tours. The details of the TBS for 2016 are shown in the table below:


$10K Futures*

$15K Futures*

$25K Women**

$50K + Women**

ATP Challengers **

























Please note that the amounts shown in the table for each round are the total amounts for reaching that round and are not in addition to the amount(s) shown for the previous round(s).

*10K and 15K Futures bonuses are only available for players 19U (this means that players are eligible for these bonuses up to and including the year in which they turn 19).

**25K, 50K+ and ATP Challenger bonuses are only available to players 25U (this means that players are eligible for these bonuses up to and including the year in which they turn 25).

Explanatory notes

  • This TBS model will be implemented from week one of 2016 (week commencing January 4 2016).
  • The TBS for 2016 has kept the age group caps. These are designed to reflect targeted events for players of specific ages.  From the age of 25, it is expected that players who are on track to be successful ATP/WTA Tour players will be self-sufficient.
  • Bonuses start from the quarter-finals and all bonus amounts for winning events have increased from previous years.
  • There are no bonuses available for ATP/WTA Tour events or in Grand Slams. These events already offer significant prize money.
  • There ere no bonuses for winning matches in qualifying. This scheme only applies to main draw successes.
  • This is a singles only scheme and therefore does not apply to doubles.


The TBS is open to any player not in receipt of a player funding agreement and to be eligible all players must:

  1. Sign the LTA player code of conduct
  2. Complete the LTA's Anti-Corruption Tutorial
  3. Be eligible to represent Great Britain at either Davis Cup or Fed Cup

If eligible, then players must complete the code of conduct and access the anti-corruption tutorial. Once complete, then players must complete the TBS invoice template and return this to the LTA with a copy of the drawsheet. To return the code of conduct, request the anti-corruption tutorial, or submit a claim, please contact