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Funding and Selection

Professional and financial support is provided to high performing tennis players. The following outlines the ways in which the current and up-coming British tennis players are supported.


Pro-Development Player Funding

The highest level of support available is allocated to players achieving the competing at the very highest level internationally for their age-group. These players receive a 12 month funding agreement and are supported through funding for their coaching and access to the National Tennis Centre.

2016 will see the development and roll-out of a new long-term High Performance (HP) strategy for British Tennis. Although work on this is advanced the process of consultation and refinement will not be complete until June and therefore any major changes to the way we support the development of players with the potential to excel on the international stage will not be confirmed and rolled out until the second half of the year.

However, we recognise that for players already competing at this level or aspiring to, clarity is needed now on the possible support available in order to plan the year ahead. The document below therefore explains a series of changes we are making to individual player support that we will activate from February 1, 2016 and will run until December 31, 2016.

2016 support for High Performance Players over 16.

Tournament bonus scheme

This scheme aims to reward those players competing in the Futures, Challengers, ATP/WTA tours and Grand Slam qualifying.


The Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence is delivered through the performance centre network and gives performance players the chance to gain an educational qualification whilst continuing on a pathway to involvement in professional tennis, either as a player, coach or other tennis professional. 

For more information please see the Supply Chain Policy.

Selection policies

National talent identification days selection policy

This policy outlines the purpose and process for selection and the allocation of wild cards for National talent identification days.

National player camps

National player camps are organised by the LTA to provide an excellent learning experience which allow players to develop all aspects of their game. 

Nominations for external support

The LTA may be asked by external organisations to nominate British players for external support or assistance. This is policy outlines the process that will be followed in these situations. 

Performance support for non-British nationals 

This document sets out the LTA’s policy for supporting performance players who are not currently British nationals, but who have committed to obtaining British nationality.  

Tennis Olympics 2016 selection policy

This document outlines the process by which Lawn Tennis Association Limited (the LTA) will arrive at its decisions to nominate players to the British Olympic Association (the BOA) for selection for the Team GB entry into the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games (the Games).

National Camps

Our National Junior Coaches work with players, parents and coaches at National Player Camps, official trips (including friendly junior international matches) and during our domestic national and international events. The dates of these are contained in the Camps, Trips and Competitions Calendar which will be regularly updated and amended.

Whilst it is impossible for tennis to provide a prescribed fixture list, it is our aim to give you a map of possibilities to help you plan the best possible route for the year.

Please remember that tournament schedules can be powerfully effective in supporting the development of players as well as slowing development down.

Managing the amount children compete, their win/loss ratio, playing outdoors on appropriately slow surfaces as well as having a financially sustainable competition plan is a challenging exercise.

The National Junior Coaches are here to help. We will be at most of the Grade 1 & Grade 2 domestic events as well as our international junior tournaments. Please book in to meet with us at the event if we can assist in any way.

Finally, it is always our intention to give 6 weeks notice of selection. However, this is not always possible. View our full selection policy here.

International trips

Official trips are organised by the LTA throughout the year. Trip selections are made by the Junior Tennis Managers/National coaches who are as follows:

  • Boys: Martin Weston / Richard Plews
  • Girls: Jane O’Donoghue/ John Trehearn

Selection for trips will be made using the criteria outlined in the LTA international trips selection policy.

Please note:

  • The final decision on selection for international trips lies with the Junior Tennis coaches/Manager.
  • The LTA reserve the right to cancel trips.
  • Entry is based on a player's Tennis Europe or Junior ITF Ranking.
  • Parents & individual coaches are asked not to attend Summer & Winter Cups.
  • Parents and coaches are welcome to attend all other events, although players will at all times be travelling as part of the official team.

Additional important documents:


Pro Scholarship Programme Pilot

Over the coming months we will be finalising a new Pro Scholarship Programme (PSP) and plan to roll this out in September 2016.

Find out more about the Pro Scholarship Programme Pilot.


SportsAid, supported by Sport England, is the UK’s leading charity who receives funding from its partners, donors and fundraisers to financially support the next generation of young and aspiring athletes, during the defining early years of their careers.

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