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National Junior Programme

Our National Junior Coaches work with players, parents and coaches at National Player Camps, official trips (including friendly junior international matches) and during our domestic national and international events. The dates of these are contained in the Camps, Trips and Competitions Calendar which will be regularly updated and amended.

National camps

Whilst it is impossible for tennis to provide a prescribed fixture list, it is our aim to give you a map of possibilities to help you plan the best possible route for the year.

Please remember that tournament schedules can be powerfully effective in supporting the development of players as well as slowing development down.

Managing the amount children compete, their win/loss ratio, playing outdoors on appropriately slow surfaces as well as having a financially sustainable competition plan is a challenging exercise.

The National Junior Coaches are here to help. We will be at most of the Grade 1 & Grade 2 domestic events as well as our international junior tournaments. Please book in to meet with us at the event if we can assist in any way.

Finally, it is always our intention to give 6 weeks notice of selection. However, this is not always possible. View our full selection policy here.

International trips

Trip selections are made by the National Junior Coach Manager and National Coaches.

Selection for trips will be made using the criteria outlined in the LTA Official International Trip Selection Policy.

Please note:

  • The final decision on selection for international trips lies with the Junior Tennis coaches/Manager.
  • The LTA reserve the right to cancel trips.
  • Entry is based on a player's Tennis Europe or Junior ITF Ranking.
  • Parents & individual coaches are asked not to attend Summer & Winter Cups.
  • Parents and coaches are welcome to attend all other events, although players will at all times be travelling as part of the official team.

Additional important documents:

Junior Grand Slam Grants

Download the LTA Junior Grand Slam Policy document for information on grants.