South of England Championships welcome players from 14 nations to Eastbourne


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Over 200 players took part in the South of England Seniors Championships on the grass courts of Devonshire Park in Eastbourne during the week of 27 August - 1 September. There were more than 40 competitors from overseas seeking the grass court experience and several making return visits. The tournament welcomed players from Argentina, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Malaysia, Malta, Poland, South Africa, Spain and Sweden.

2018 saw an increase in the number of female entrants, but sadly not in the older age groups largely because several regulars were due to travel to the Super Seniors World Championships shortly afterwards.

Disruption to the programme due to early heavy rain was overcome and, as the baselines dried out, some glorious hot and sunny weather ensured that the tournament was completed on time after deft reorganising by the Referee.

Overseas players from eight nations appeared to master grass court tennis and dominated the finals of the younger age groups. Players from Spain and South Africa in the 35s; Poland and Argentina in the 40s; the USA, Italy, Germany and Australia featured in the 45s while a pair from Italy won the doubles. On the domestic front the top seeds mostly came to the fore with Alistair Alexander (55), Jasper Cooper (65), Chris Ornstien (70) and Tony McBride (80) all successful in both singles and doubles.

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