Winter National Tour

This winter the LTA is staging a National Tour competition (Grade 2) for the 10U – 18U age groups during October half-term.  An 11U age group has been introduced.

Please note that, due to the pandemic, events may be cancelled or changes made at very short notice.  This is beyond our control and apart from refunding entry fees we will not be able to reimburse accommodation, transport or any other costs.

Players are advised to regularly check the LTA website for our latest COVID-19 guidelines for players.

Aim of the National Events

The aim of the Tour is to bring together National-level players and offer them:

  • Guaranteed indoor matches
  • The chance to test and develop their skills against other strong players
  • Experienced and accredited officials

Tournament dates and codes:

10U:  Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 October, Corby TC, NTP-20-0130

11U: Thursday 29 & Friday 30 October, University of Bath, AVO-20-0111

12U:  Sunday 25 – Wednesday 28 October, University of Bath, AVO-20-0110

14U:   Thursday 29 October – Sunday 1 November, Bolton Arena, LAN-20-0094

16U: Saturday 24 October – Tuesday 27 October, Bolton Arena, LAN-20-0093

18U: Thursday 29 October – Sunday 1 November, Corby TC, NTP-20-0131

Winter National Tour Competition Pack

LTA Staged Rule

In relation to LTA Staged winter competitions (ie. National Tour, weekend Winter Regional Tour, and weekend Winter County Tour tournaments) a player can enter only one competition at each grade in the same age group taking place on the same weekend – see Regulations on Overlapping Competitions.