Jamie Murray and Martina Hingis win Fantasy Mixed Doubles Tournament


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The pundits were split. Tennis fans torn. Imagine the tension in the Murray family! Can someone please tell Judy it's now safe to come out of hiding? Her boys have had a big, emotional hug at the net after a magical final that had a myriad tennis fans hoping, wishing, praying a draw was possible. It wasn’t of course, and after one hour and 55 minutes of highly skilled exchanges, Jamie Murray and Martina Hingis beat Andy Murray and Serena Williams 6-4, 7-5 to lift the inaugural Fantasy Mixed Doubles trophy (and my, what a stunning piece of silverware it is).

Relive the moment it all happened 

In doing so, the 2017 Wimbledon and US Open mixed doubles champions extended their unbeaten run to 13 matches and three titles. In terms of doubles versus singles success, bragging rights in the Murray family remain a status quo, which must count as a sort of win-win situation for Judy.

Right up to the end, the Grand Slam singles champions were throwing all they had at the situation. At 6-5, 30-all in the second set – Jamie serving for the title – Serena’s scorching forehand return was met with a reaction volley from Hingis, and down the line came a classic winner from Andy. Break-back point. Jamie shrugged off the pressure to whack down an ace. Deuce! Fine hand skills from Hingis at the net brought up Championship point. Another fine serve from Jamie… a chip lob return from Andy, and Hingis smashed the ball away to take the victory. Cue, hugs on both sides of the net as the crowd rose to salute this magnificent quartet of champions.

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