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County Safeguarding Standards



Making tennis safe and open to all

From January 2020, all LTA County Associations will be required to meet six safeguarding standards.

The County Safeguarding Standards are intended to help promote an enjoyable tennis experience and positive safeguarding culture within tennis.

We will be conducting safeguarding support visits with counties on an ongoing basis in order to support them in ensuring the safeguarding standards are being maintained.

Details on the safeguarding standards, how to achieve them and the associated resources can be found below.

County Safeguarding Standards

County Safeguarding Standards - Guidance (for a printer friendly version, click here)

County Safeguarding Standards - Self-assessment


County Association Safeguarding Policy

Safe Recruitment Policy

Online Safety and Communication Policy

Anti-bullying Policy

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Use of changing rooms and showering facilities briefing and Policy

Acceptable use statement for internet and social media use

LTA and County Safeguarding Information Sharing Protocol

Safeguarding Guide for County Cup and League Matches (for a printer friendly version, click here)

Guidelines on Safeguarding at Events, Activities and Competitions

Photography and Filming Best Practice Guidance

Photography and Filming Consent Form

Risk Assessment Template

Emergency Contact Form

County Safeguarding Officer Role Description

County Safeguarding Officer poster

Document version control

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Safeguarding Standards for LTA Venue Registration

Safeguarding Standards for LTA Venue Registration.

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Welfare Officer

Safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility and the Welfare Officer is an important part of any committee to promote this within our clubs and venues.