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We are delighted to confirm that as of 8th April we have carried out just over 30% of our safeguarding audits at our Welsh venues.  This is a fantastic achievement and illustrates the dedication of our volunteers and venues in ensuring a safe enviroment for all of our players and tennis community.

Mark Vaughan, our Safeguarding Officer said 

“ We have made  huge strides in a short time in respect of safeguarding within tennis in Wales. That  hasn’t happened by  accident. It’s down to the hard work, passion and commitment of our venues. It’s a great  achievement and those involved should be proud of the safe environment they are creating for our young and most vulnerable players”

The venues that have successfully completed their audits can be viewed here.

Safeguarding Audits

Though we have audited 30% of venues we still have a lot more to do to ensure 100% compliance from all of our venues.  Whilst the whole country is on lockdown why not contact us to carry out your initial audit  “virtually” to get  yourselves ready for when we start  playing  again?  Whilst we are all in our homes, now might give many of you the opportunity and time to carry out this important requirement.

If you are interested please email for further details.

Level 1 Safeguarding Training.

As all face to face safeguarding training has been suspended for the foreseeable future, we are able to offer “virtual” Level 1 Welfare Officer training.   This can be done from the comfort of your own home! If you would like further information please contact

Safeguarding  Concerns

Importantly safeguarding and peoples concerns do not stop just because tennis venues and coaching sessions are shut or on hold. You  may find that you still get concerns reported to you or indeed might  get  an influx of  concerns when everything gets back to normal. Should you need any advice and guidance please call Mark 07958 202952.

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