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There are 1000s of tennis venues across Britain, including clubs, parks and educational facilities, providing a wide range of playing opportunities for their respective members and players. The LTA offers tailored support to help venues open tennis up, making the game relevant, accessible, welcoming and enjoyable to all existing players and the wider community. From growing your club membership through to taking tennis into the community, you’ll find guidance, programmes, tools and resources to help you achieve your goals.

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Find the information, resources and support to help manage, develop and grow your tennis venue and get more people playing tennis by visiting the LTA Venue Support section of the website. 

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Tennis Isle of Man actively promotes school’s tennis participation and competition through the linked work between schools and the Tennis Development Officer. Tennis Isle of Man along with sponsors help fund the school’s competition, including organisation and venue hire to enable a fun and competitive environment during the summer term. This event is held as close to the Wimbledon Championships to encourage engagement and excite players.

During these competitions, local tennis clubs can actively promote access to their club programme or link with schools to continue the sessions.

For further information, please contact the Isle of Man Tennis Development Officer:

Rob Comber -

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Isle of Man Sport are committed to supporting and investing in the development of tennis on the Isle of Man.

Their priorities and objectives are to:

  • Increase participation in sport across all levels from grass routes to elite
  • Improve and develop coaching, volunteering and officiating to ensure performance across all levels
  • Improve governance of local governing bodies and member clubs.

Following an annual review it has been agreed that the priorities and objectives for tennis assistance for the period 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021 are:

Increased Participation

  • Reinstate participation in Manx Youth Games
  • Year 3 schools Programme
  • Expand Northern and Eastern coaching hubs and introduce a western option.


  • Achieving an additional Level 3 coach
  • Ongoing CPD courses for existing coaches
  • Recruit and retain an additional 5 volunteers.

Performance (travel)

  • Support the opportunity for individuals to compete in graded LTA competitions.


  • Support the upgrading of tennis facilities.

If successful claimants may be awarded up to 50% of their total expenses.

If you think you may be eligible to claim and/or would like further details, please contact Wendy Crocker, IOMLTA Treasurer on

If you are already familiar with the claim procedure and are claiming expenses for travel and/or courses, please remember to submit the following with your claim:

  • Date of event
  • Name of claimant (player/coach)
  • Tournament/ course details
  • Location
  • List receipts by name and amount 
  • A narrative explaining the benefits of attending the course/ competing in the event. 

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The LTA Tennis Awards celebrate the incredible work of all our volunteers, coaches, official, venues and players over the past year. Visit the LTA Tennis Awards section of the LTA website. 

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