Online streaming programmes from around the County

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Riverside Tennis Club

Riverside Tennis Club are bringing you 17 sessions a week to keep your mind and body active from the comfort of your own home during lockdown.

The programme will be posted on the Riverside Facebook page which you can check out here:

Riverside Facebook page 

Dunstable Tennis Club

Coach Craig Keeling has been putting together daily challenges with his little boy Toby of 5 years old.

Dunstable Facebook page 

Woolfy Tennis

Coaches Robbie & Jonny Woolf have put together daily challenges to keep the little Woolf Cubs busy.

Woolfy Facebook page 

Net Gains Tennis

Louise Penny is delivering #ChildCareAtHome teaching basic co-ordination, footwork & ball skills over Zoom.  Plus sets weekly challenges for prizes #TennisAtHome. 

Net Gains Facebook page

Club Towers 

Towers Health & Racquets Club have weekly information & sessions happening.

Towers Health & Racquets Club Facebook page